Maximizing Profitability for Full-Service Law Firms

Innovative Staffing and Technology Solutions

Improving Your Bottom Line

If you’re with a full-service law firm, our aim is to achieve a single goal: to improve your bottom line.

We accomplish that by:

  • Reducing your labor costs
  • Saving you money by improving efficiencies
  • Mitigating risk
  • Giving you increased oversight of your cases

Experts in Your Corner

Thanks to our extensive background and expertise in the legal industry, we will be active partners in driving successful transformations at your firm. Our team of experienced professionals:

  • Have extensive knowledge of your business model
  • Are experts in understanding regulations and processes in the most difficult states in the country
  • Are dedicated to understanding your culture

The Solutions You Need, When You Need Them

With our technology and staffing services, full-service law firms run more efficiently and cut unnecessary overspending. Experience the risk-mitigating power of automation and the freedom of paying only for the resources you need, especially at your busiest times of year when you need more personnel.

If managing file volume is a challenge, drastically reduce your e-filing transaction time and mitigate risk with CourtXpress. This advanced technology solution simplifies the e-filing process through automation. You also spend less by paying per-piece for only what you use.

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Confirming the stage of a particular file can be extremely time-intensive for your team, thanks to the ongoing dispersion of transfer files. With Portfolio Guardian, you gain a completely hands-off, automated verification process. Our team uses a variety of confirmation steps to sweep the county court docket. Portfolio Guardian continuously monitors each file so you know when the status or stage of the file has changed.

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There’s no need to waste time and money hiring FTEs for short-term projects. Our contingent staffing services give you the personnel resources that you need now, without spending the time to train new personnel and expense of hiring FTEs who will have nothing to do when the busy season is over. However, if you do need staffing for permanent placements or temp-to-hire positions, we can help you develop the full-time talent you need year-round.

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