Maximizing Profitability for Creditors’ Rights Law Firms

Consulting, Technology, BPO and Staffing

Improving Your Bottom Line

If you’re with a foreclosure or debt collection law firm, our aim is to achieve a single goal: to improve your bottom line.

We accomplish that by:

  • Saving you money by increasing efficiencies
  • Finding you money in missed billing opportunities
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance without breaking the bank

While traditional consulting companies offer expensive hit-and-run advice, we have the know-how and resources to follow through. Our consultative approach – coupled with industry-leading technology and staffing solutions – makes achieving maximum profitability a reality, instead of a plan that just collects dust.

Experts in Your Corner

Thanks to our extensive background and expertise in the default industry, we will be active partners in driving successful transformations at your firm.

Our team of experienced professionals:

  • Has extensive knowledge of your business model and the complexities of the default industry
  • Are experts in understanding regulations and processes in the most difficult states in the country
  • Are dedicated to understanding your culture

Customized Solutions

We immerse ourselves in your business and closely collaborate with your team. This means our recommendations and solutions that take into account your firm’s culture and address your unique needs and pain points. We offer:

  • Full-Service Practice Management: Fully Outsourced Operations
  • Consulting: Business Process Improvement, Audit & Compliance, Technology
  • Staffing: Business Process Outsourcing, Legal Process Outsourcing, Staffing
  • Solving: Training and Technology: E-Filing Solutions with CourtXpress, Automated Docket Services with Portfolio Guardian

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