Top 5 Features to Look for in a Case Management System

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The ability to operate efficiently and effectively in the digital domain is essential to the success of default law firms. Your case management system can be a valuable tool in helping you accomplish that, but are you taking full advantage of the top features now on the market?

The following features can help you save time, save money and eliminate potential errors:

Intelligent Workflow Engine

A case management system with a workflow-driven approach virtually eliminates avoidable errors by making it harder for users to skip a procedural step or perform tasks out of order. Intelligent workflow can automate procedural tasks, streamlining and simplifying the process. Proper workflow offers management tracking and reporting capabilities, improving employee performance and client communications.


The advantage of having a system that runs on the cloud is that it eliminates costly hardware and local IT support for maintenance and updates. Security isn’t a guarantee of cloud-based software, but you can ensure your information is secure by working with a provider that offers both database and operational level security measures. Third-party certifications, such as SOCII or ISO27001, are also a necessity to protect your data and reduce your risk.

Seamless Integrations

Default law firms can greatly simplify things by using a case management system that allows for government- and servicer-related integrations, as well as process integrations. A system that offers government, servicer and process related integrations not only simplifies the management of a case, but eliminates redundant and repetitive data entry. It also allows for automation of high-volume, compliance-driven events. Utilizing these integrations saves your team time and reduces the risk of errors.

Data Integrity

Look for a case management system that promotes data integrity by utilizing functions like required data types or field masking to ensure users are entering valid information. For example, if a data field asks for a date, a date is the only allowable entry, keeping your data entries accurate and reportable.

Paperless Components

Some case management systems have the ability to digitally capture virtually anything created or received during the course of working on a case and handling a file. It’s a great tool to avoid misplaced documentation.

Considering these features can help you make the right decision when it comes to picking a case management system. If you’re aiming to transform your firm’s operations and ultimately reach a new level of efficiency, contact us today for an initial assessment.