Understanding Your Realization Rate

Everyone likes to get paid for the work they perform. If someone were to offer you a job and tell you that they were only going to pay you for about 60% of the hours you work, you probably wouldn’t take the job! Yet many law firms are performing significant amounts of work and not receiving payment. In other words, the Realization Rate is less than optimal.

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Visit Us at the 2017 MBA Mortgage Servicing Conference

Innovate with Firm SolutionsMark your calendars for unlimited light bulb moments! February 14-17 industry professionals from around the country will converge in Dallas for the 2017 Mortgage Servicing Conference & Expo and we want to meet you there!


Maximize Your Profitability with Firm Solutions:
Innovation + Efficiency + Scaleability

Located at booth #918, we are available throughout the show to discuss your 2017 goals and creative new ways to manage your firm in today’s environment.

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