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Perfecting the Way Your Firm Uses Your Case Management System

The Industry’s Most Experienced Case Mangement System Consultant

Case management systems can be valuable – given they’re set up to integrate seamlessly into your law firm’s processes. All too often, they’re not. Chances are, your firm is either not using your case management system to its full capabilities, or not using it as efficiently as possible.

As the industry’s most experienced consultant, we transform a customizable shell into a powerful and robust tool that enhances the way full-service and creditors’ rights law firms operate.

With our Case Management Technology Consulting services, your law firm can:

  • Avoid unnecessary expenses related to using and
    maintaining your system
  • Ensure the system matches your firm’s workflow
  • Maximize efficiencies and productivity by customizing
    your system for your needs
  • Make fewer errors and have better workflow traceability
    for auditors

A Valuable Partner

In setting up a case management system for your firm, we work closely with your team, taking a consultative approach and forging a long-term relationship to ensure lasting benefits. Our consulting services are more cost-effective – and more detailed – than working directly with the case management company.

While we also work with full-service law firms, our deep experience in the default industry make us an especially valued partner for creditors’ rights firms. Given our expertise in this niche space, we know which questions to ask to get your firm’s system set up to address the nuances specific to your industry.

Get Set Up

We set up your case management system in a way that allows your firm to create document templates that can be easily merged with relevant data, resulting in less post-merge editing. We focus on setting up:

  • Automated workflow, including
    customizing modules
  • Data entry
  • Document coding
  • Reporting mechanisms and building
  • Automated prompts to signal next
    steps in a process

By automating the workflow, creditors’ rights firms are better able to remain in compliance with the ever-changing regulations, and more easily able to generate reports during client audits.

Maintain Peace of Mind

Given the costs associated with hiring, training and retaining in-house personnel to manage a case management system, hiring us instead is a more cost-effective and stable solution. Besides, once your system is set up correctly, it shouldn’t require a full-time position to manage it.

That’s why we offer ongoing system management. By outsourcing the work to us, you free up your staff to focus on revenue-generating work. Also, when your firm’s knowledge belongs to one or two people working inside your firm, you risk losing that when those people leave the firm or change positions. We bring consistency and an unparalleled level of expertise to managing a case management system for your firm.

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Working with Firm Solutions has revolutionized what we’re doing. Before, case management was a manual and highly labor-intensive affair – not anymore. We’ve experienced significant time-savings and productivity gains.”

Faiq MihlarCo-Managing Member, Heavner, Beyers, & Mihlar, LLC