Business Process Improvement

Maximizing Profitability Potential for Creditors’ Rights Law Firms

Improving Business Processes for Greater Success

Law firms with inefficient business processes are not maximizing their profitability potential. Money is wasted and opportunities for revenue are often overlooked. If you feel like you are overstaffed or operating inefficiently, you’re probably right.

With our Business Process Improvement (BPI) services, your creditors’ rights firm can:

  • Save money by increasing efficiencies
  • Reduce spending on unnecessary non-revenue-generating positions
  • Find money in missed billing opportunities

Developing Processes that Last

Sometimes it’s difficult for those inside a firm to identify disconnects and opportunities to improve processes. Utilizing our industry expertise, we bring a fresh perspective, analyzing all processes objectively while also taking into account your firm’s unique environment.

Our team of analysts are highly qualified and deeply experienced in organizing business processes for creditors’ rights law firms. We provide a long-term roadmap that lays a clear path to budgeting and approaching each recommended project, and short-term initiatives so your firm can realize the impact of these process changes immediately.

An In-Depth Assessment & Analysis

Your onsite BPI analysis is completed over the course of two to four days. During that time, our analysts sit alongside your employees to document processes. Typically, we start with a file setup and follow its process through the entire firm, to identify areas of improvement.

Because file volume fluctuates, we also look for ways to help your business processes correspond with changing work volume. In addition, our BPI services can be especially helpful if your firm is setting up a case management system to ensure program setup aligns seamlessly with your business processes. We debrief with your management team during and at the conclusion of the onsite analysis.

The AIDE Approach

Shortly after our analysts have completed the onsite analysis, we develop a list of BPI recommendations and design a strategy for prioritizing implementation. Our executive summaries cover the following categories:

  • Automate – Automate as many processes as possible
  • Innovate – Establish new policies and procedures and/or leverage technology where necessary
  • Delegate – Reassign work in-house and/or outsource non-revenue-generating tasks and functions
  • Eliminate – Remove inefficient processes and duplicative data entry

We also identify compliance risks and develop strategies to mitigate them. Then we assign an industry expert and project manager to execute the goals and objectives identified in your plan.

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