Maximizing profitability for law firms serving the default industry

Consulting to Improve Your Bottom Line

If you’re with a foreclosure or debt collection law firm, our aim is to achieve a single goal: to improve your bottom line.

Our Consulting services explore and evaluate ways your firm can:

  • Save money by increasing efficiencies
  • Find money in missed billing opportunities
  • Ensure regulatory compliance without breaking the bank

Expert Partners, Customized Solutions

Our team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge of your business model and the complexities of the default industry. We’re also experts in understanding regulations and processes in the most difficult states in the country.

We will collaborate closely with your team to understand your culture and address your firm’s unique needs and challenges. This customized approach, coupled with our deep experience, results in recommendations that are well informed and highly actionable.

Consulting services by Firm Solutions

Law firms with inefficient business processes are not maximizing their profitability potential. Money is wasted and opportunities for revenue are often missed.

Our team of analysts evaluates and maps your firm’s business processes to identify ways to promote greater efficiency and growth. We identify missed billing opportunities, attorney touchpoints, areas for increased automation, opportunities to improve employee interactions and much more.

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Facing an audit from a servicer can be intimidating and overwhelming. Our team is constantly reviewing and evaluating new regulations – including the impact of the CFPB and FHLMC/FNMA guidelines – to ensure we provide top-notch audit and compliance consulting services.

We proactively measure and prepare your internal processes for pending audits. Our analysts develop and organize the necessary documentation and tests to ensure your firm understands and complies with all servicer and investor requirements.

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Migrating to or modifying a new casemanagement system can be a tricky business. As an experienced case management consultant, we guide you through optimizing this business process without distracting your team from performing its core competencies.

Our technology consulting services include analyzing and adjusting business processes, workflows and tools to ensure optimal efficiency; configuring NetDirector transactions and migrating data and documents; developing customized reporting and setting up logic for merge documents; and training end-users on the new system.

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