Billing Outsource

Your Partner for Maximum Profitability

Ensuring You Collect What You’re Owed

Sometimes it’s difficult for law firms to identify disconnects and opportunities to improve billing and collections. A broken or inefficient process can lead to missed billing opportunities or rejected invoices that never get processed. Our Billing Outsource services improve firms’ collection rates by 15-20%, on average.

With our Billing Outsource services, your firm can:

  • Achieve an Accounts Receivable Aging rate of less than 5% over 90 days
  • Maintain a “first time invoice submission success rate” of 99%, resulting in improved cash flow
  • Avoid missing milestones that trigger billing events
  • Find opportunities to bill that you may not be aware of

Our Billing Outsource solution offers a range of services to ensure your firm is collecting what it’s owed:

  • Business Process Improvement: We assess workflows and recommend areas for improvement to ensure the billing process runs smoothly
  • Case Management System Consultation: We ensure your firm’s technology is set up to properly manage workflows, automate billing triggers when milestones are reached and record necessary documentation
  • Managing Supporting Documentation: Imaging and indexing all supporting documents required for billing, such as vendor invoices and file stamped copies of pleadings
  • Generating and Distributing Invoices
  • Following Up on Invoices
  • Managing Rejected Invoices

A Necessity for Creditors’ Rights Firms

Having a sharp eye on billing is critical for the profitability of creditors’ rights firms. It’s essential that processes, technology and personnel are properly aligned to ensure your firm bills at appropriate milestones and collects what it’s owed. Our expertise in the default space and our experience working with servicers gives our team the know-how to ensure we maximize all billing opportunities.

Meeting Servicer Requirements

Our Billing Outsource services for creditors’ rights firms are compliant with all servicers’ requirements. We have worked with more than 40 law firms throughout the country and with various servicers. If needed, we can easily provide information that verifies our credibility as a compliant third-party vendor. And because of stringent servicer regulations, all of our resources are U.S.-based.

Extensive Experience

Because we’ve worked with many law firms and servicers throughout the country, our team boasts an unparalleled level of experience. We know what to look for when it comes to improving billing, and how to be effective working with different firms. Clients benefit from the wide range of knowledge that comes from our extensive background.

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