Full-Service Practice Management

Outsourcing Operations for Maximum Profitability

The Operations Team You Need to Succeed

Too often, managing partners are consumed with the daily headaches of trying to turn a profit for their law firm instead of focusing on building the business. If your in-house team is struggling with the conflicting demands of managing your operations and they need assistance – or if you’re overpaying for a costly COO – our solution was developed just for you.

Our Full-Service Practice Management:

  • Gives you the strong operations team your firm needs to succeed
  • Allows your small or mid-size firm to leverage experience and talent often only accessible to large firms
  • Gives you the advantage of a shared cost structure without giving up ownership of your firm
  • Increases efficiencies throughout your entire firm
  • Keeps your leadership team focused on building the business
  • Bases cost structure on firm size, not salary requirements

Our team boasts industry-leading expertise in legal and operational management, combined with impressive business acumen. With services covering compliance, billing, technology and everything in between, we act as your fully integrated operations department.

Customized Programs

No two law firms are alike. Needs differ, processes vary and each firm has a unique culture. During an initial consulting engagement, our experts assess and analyze your firm’s operational areas to identify opportunities for improvement, and to gain an appreciation of your firm’s unique structure. We present recommendations specific to your firm and suggest a Full-Service Practice Management program based on your firm’s needs.

Affordable Solution

Unlike other companies that offer practice management services, our program requires:

  • No capital investment
  • No commitment for services
  • No required length of engagement
  • No “all-or-nothing” dependency

Pricing for our Full-Service Practice Management is simply based on your firm’s size, and we can provide an approximate quote by gathering only a few pieces of information.

Bundled Services

Having one team of experts oversee and manage all firm operations brings an unparalleled level of consistency, efficiency and economies of scale that positively impacts your bottom line.

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