File Transfer Solution for Mortgage Servicers

Taking the Fear and Expense Out of File Transfers

If you’ve ever been faced with transferring files from one law firm to another, you know it can be a grueling task that doesn’t come cheap. As a mortgage servicer, there are times you may be forced to transfer files because a law firm in your network no longer exists, or you need to send files to another law firm but feel you can’t justify the pricey transfer fees.

No servicer wants to be faced with unnecessarily high transfer fees or feel like they’re being held hostage by an underperforming law firm. That’s why we developed our File Transfer Solution for Mortgage Servicers.

With our File Transfer Solution, mortgage servicers can:

  • Transfer files at a fraction of the standard transfer fee
  • Be completely hands-off – we move files from one firm to another without having to involve you in the process
  • Gain prioritized transfer files and a true picture of your cases based on actual docket data (for judicial states)

When transferring files from one law firm to another, you don’t know if something was missed. Thanks to Portfolio Guardian, we can tell you the accurate stage of your files. Our team of experts designed and developed Portfolio Guardian, powered by assure360, to sweep and monitor the county docket for all of your case files.

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In Partnership with assure360

Firm Solutions offers its File Transfer Solution for Mortgage Servicers in partnership with assure360, the premier technology services provider to the mortgage servicing industry. Built to meet the unique service, security and compliance needs of the industry, assure360 offers innovative soft ware solutions, dedicated IT outsourcing resources, and project-based or fully outsourced IT support services.

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