Automated Docket-Checking with Portfolio Guardian

Fast and reliable docket services for full-service and creditors’ rights law firms

Monitor All Case Files in One Place

Knowing the status of case files is vital to a law firm’s success. That’s why many firms spend several hours every week manually checking case files. But the possibility of human error leaves your firm vulnerable to mistakes. If case files aren’t monitored correctly, you run the risk of missing key milestones and failing to report the status of your files to clients.

With Portfolio Guardian, your firm can:

  • Gain a completely hands-off, automated verification process by file stage
  • Be alerted when the status or stage of the file has changed
  • Easily prioritize your debt collection or foreclosure files
  • Can be used as a tool to help your clients comply with CFPB attorney oversight requirements
  • Have a reliable tool for checking the status of transfer files
  • Perform an internal audit of your portfolio

Designed to Maximize Law Firms’ Profitability

We know new referrals and transfer files get thrown around like crazy in a law firm. When this happens, firms run the risk of missing something critical and causing timeline delays for their clients. Our team of experts designed and developed Portfolio Guardian to sweep and monitor the county docket for all of a firm’s case files. It gives law firms in the default space the ability to know the accurate stage of every file.

Technology That Automates Your Docket Sweep

With the help of Portfolio Guardian, your law firm can shift labor and focus back to revenue-generating tasks. Your staff will no longer have to manually follow up on court dockets – Portfolio Guardian can automatically check the status of hundreds of cases overnight.

Simple Data Sharing

When you use Portfolio Guardian, your firm will identify a population of files to be reviewed, and depending on how your firm wants to baseline the files, it can do a docket screenshot or a docket sweep. Our technology scrapes the docket and reports the stage each file is in. From there, we monitor the docket every week and report back on any changes as they occur. After each week’s monitor is completed, the deliverables are then sent to you, either via integration or through an FTP site. You will receive a copy of each court docket, as wells as a pivot table, so you can drill down by stage or by file to help you prioritize file management.

Experts in Efficiency

Our deep experience in working in the legal and default industries has led us to the development of innovative technology solutions that improve the bottom line for law firms. We’ve experience first-hand the need for firms to improve overall efficiency, and Portfolio Guardian does just that.

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