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Improving Your Bottom Line

Whether you’re a creditors’ rights or full-service law firm, our aim is to achieve a single goal: to improve your bottom line.

Our Advanced Technology services:

  • Save you money by increasing efficiencies
  • Mitigate your compliance risk
  • Improve your staff’s performance

Customized Solutions Built by the Experts

Our team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge of your business model and the complexities of the legal and default industries. We’re also experts in understanding regulations and processes in the most difficult states in the country. Using that knowledge, we’ve built innovative training and technology solutions to address your firm’s unique challenges.

Confirming the stage of a particular file can be extremely time-intensive for your team, thanks to the ongoing dispersion of transfer files. With Portfolio Guardian, you gain a completely hands-off, automated verification process. Our team uses a variety of confirmation steps to sweep the county court docket and determine the particular stage your file is in. Then Portfolio Guardian continuously monitors each file so you know if anything has changed. Prioritize and monitor your debt collection or foreclosure files, while keeping in compliance with the CFPB’s attorney oversight requirement.

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Given the lack of uniformity in the e-filing process throughout your state, your team is probably spending way too much time on this arduous task. Reallocate your labor to revenue-generating tasks, drastically reduce your e-filing transaction time and mitigate risk with CourtXpress. This advanced technology solution simplifies the e-filing process through automation. CourtXpress is fully integrated with the e-filing portal through an exclusive audit-and-submit technology. Easily split, merge, order and rename documents specific to county requirements.

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Law firms with a solid, well-documented on-the-job training process experience improved consistency and accuracy, and decreased costs. Leveraging our expertise in the area of audit and compliance, we will customize sophisticated learning plans for your team that are based on your specific performance needs and requirements.

We use a servicer approved approach of web-based training, covering the critical subject matter area of compliance. Our methodology includes adult learning principles, problem solving, reinforced use of reference tools and more.

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