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Measurements Matter – But What Do I Measure?

Legal League 100 Quarterly | Q4 2016

“Establishing business unit and individual key performance indicators that include a quality component can be not only financially rewarding for the firm but also personally motivating for the staff.”

Considering a merger or acquisition? Will it be a recipe for disaster or reason for celebration?

Legal League Quarterly | April 2015

“When considering their options, firm shareholders are primarily focused on economics and often fail to perform the due diligence and research necessary to obtain their desired goal. This problem is not unique to the default industry or even the legal industry as a whole. In fact, most studies indicate that only about one-half of all mergers/acquisitions have an overall success rate (source: Forbes Magazine, May 2012).”

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The LOGS Group, LLC Joins with ARMA Acquisition to Launch New Practice Management and Technology Solutions Platform

In January 2017, ARMA (Firm Solutions parent company) joined forces with The LOGS Group, LLC to create an employee-owned company, A360, Inc.

A360, Inc. is the largest practice management services provider in the mortgage servicing industry.