Innovative Technology and Consulting Services Beneficial to Every Firm

Between managing new referrals, transfer files, and in some states, electronically filing pleadings, law firms are bombarded with cumbersome yet necessary operations every day. Many firms manage these tasks in-house — leaving them at high risk for error and taking staff away from revenue-generating work.

Thankfully, with the help of innovative technology solutions, these labor-intensive and time-sensitive tasks can be streamlined, automated and/or outsourced.

In our many years of working with creditors’ rights law firms, we’ve experienced first-hand the need for firms to improve their overall efficiency in these areas. To meet their needs, we developed the following innovative technology and consulting services to maximize law firms’ profitability.

Perfect Practice Consulting

While case management systems are designed to help law firms manage all of their cases in one convenient place, many law firms are not using these tools to their full potential. We work with law firms to transform a customizable shell of a case management system – specifically Perfect Practice – into a powerful tool that enhances the way law firms operate.

In setting up a case management system, we work closely with law firms to set up automated workflow, data entry, document coding, reporting mechanisms and more. We also offer ongoing case management support, which frees up a firm’s staff to focus on revenue-producing tasks.

E-filing Solutions with CourtXpress Technology

In some states, e-filing is a mandatory state requirement. A common struggle law firms have when handling e-filing is the lack of uniformity. A lot of time is spent on this task, and as a result, other important responsibilities tend to fall by the wayside. Proprietary to Firm Solutions, CourtXpress reduces a firm’s e-filing transaction time and mitigates compliance risk. It also allows firms to reallocate labor so in-house staff can concentrate on core business functions.

CourtXpress is an automated application and we develop solid review processes to ensure pleadings are filed properly and timely. Once a pleading is filed, we are able to provide a confirmation receipt and a screen shot to ensure you have the appropriate confirmation

Automated Docket-Checking with Portfolio Guardian Technology

New referrals or transfer files get thrown around like crazy in a law firm. For example, staff members are assigned to track the stages of case files; but given the busy nature of law firms, this task can easily fall through the cracks. When this happens, firms run the risk of missing something critical and causing timeline delays. In other instances, constantly manually checking the docket becomes an all-consuming job.

We designed and developed Portfolio Guardian to sweep and monitor the county docket for all of a firm’s case files. It gives law firms in the default space the ability to know the accurate stage of every file.

In short, our deep experience in working in the legal and default industries has led to the development of innovative technology solutions that improve the bottom line for law firms. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.