Firm Solutions Expands E-Filing Service from CourtXpress

At Firm Solutions, we work closely with county clerks and e-filing authorities to ensure we are up to date on all state-specific requirements and regulations. As part of our mission to increase the value-add of our services to our clients and prospects, we have expanded our e-filing solutions to Illinois and South Carolina. We are also in a testing phase with the E-Filing Authority in Florida for their new “batch filing option.”

South Carolina recently made e-filing mandatory in all counties. Illinois will require e-filing in all counties by January 2018. As states move to e-filing, it presents training and staffing challenges to law firms, in addition to requiring process modifications. When firms are already faced with a shrinking profit margin, these changes can cause even more headaches for management.

Recognizing a need, Firm Solutions is now offering e-filing solutions with our proprietary software CourtXpress, powered by assure360, in South Carolina and Illinois, and will be expanding to other states within the next 12 months.

In addition to our expansion into other states, we are also enhancing our existing service in Florida. We are excited about being selected as an authorized test vendor for the new batch filing. This new capability will allow us to provide our services even more efficiently to our clients. We also have several other enhancements in development, such as the auto return of file stamped pleadings, return of recorded lis pendens and an e-signature module.

As more states make e-filing services available and/or mandatory, it’s clear that now is a good time for law firms to take advantage of outsourcing e-filing services instead of hiring in-house. Our cost-effective e-filing solutions eliminate the need for in-house staff to manually file and monitor cases with the courts. It also removes the stress of having to train and maintain in-house staff to manage inconsistent file volume.