Top 5 Features to Look for in a Case Management System

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The ability to operate efficiently and effectively in the digital domain is essential to the success of default law firms. Your case management system can be a valuable tool in helping you accomplish that, but are you taking full advantage of the top features now on the market? Read more

Innovative Technology and Consulting Services Beneficial to Every Firm

Between managing new referrals, transfer files, and in some states, electronically filing pleadings, law firms are bombarded with cumbersome yet necessary operations every day. Many firms manage these tasks in-house — leaving them at high risk for error and taking staff away from revenue-generating work.

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How to Pick the Right Case Management System for your Firm

You’re an attorney running a law firm. Every day your personnel manage case files, documents and emails. Properly handling every file can be laborious, and inefficient processes can cost the firm a lot of money in wasted labor and missing billing opportunities.

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Perfecting the Way Your Firm Uses its Case Management System

In an effort to stay organized and comply with industry standards, many law firms utilize case management systems, such as Perfect Practice. It can be a valuable tool, especially for firms that have a high volume of case files. At a glance, it seems like a case management system should easily integrate into a law firm’s processes; but more often than not, integration becomes frustrating and the system is not used to its full capabilities, resulting in a less than satisfactory long term experience.

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