3 Technology Tips to Do More With Less

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One of our recent blog posts – 4 Ways Default Law Firms Can Cut Costs – covered how law firms can become more efficient by eliminating things that don’t improve profit margin or grow the business.

As a follow-up, this post focuses on how creditors’ rights law firms can accomplish more with less by leveraging technology and maximizing how it’s used. Read more

3 Critical Things to Consider Before a Law Firm Merger or Acquisition

In the past two years, we’ve seen many law firms throughout the country seriously consider a merger or acquisition or have already undergone one. Given the current business environment, it’s a trend that’s likely to continue.

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Firm Solutions Expands E-Filing Service from CourtXpress

At Firm Solutions, we work closely with county clerks and e-filing authorities to ensure we are up to date on all state-specific requirements and regulations. As part of our mission to increase the value-add of our services to our clients and prospects, we have expanded our e-filing solutions to Illinois and South Carolina. We are also in a testing phase with the E-Filing Authority in Florida for their new “batch filing option.”

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Firm Solutions partners with assure360, expands services and footprint

Firm Solutions, LLC, a leading consulting, outsourcing and technology company serving law firms nationwide, is increasing its industry presence following the formation of a partnership with assure360, which provides full-service technology solutions to the mortgage default industry.

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3 Reasons it’s Important to Know the Status of Your Caseload

The need to be vigilant of each case and its respective stage is paramount to a law firm’s success. Knowing the status of each case file can be arduous and time-consuming, but it’s absolutely necessary.

We’ve experienced first-hand the need for firms to know the status of their case files. Here are three reasons that can’t be ignored.

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5 Ways to Guarantee Your Firm is Billing Properly

One of the many things we see when consulting with law firms to improve their business processes is that many are missing out on billing opportunities or billing incorrectly, resulting in a high percentage of rejected invoices or uncollected funds. If a law firm’s business processes aren’t well organized, then it’s at a higher risk for billing for less than entitled, or not at all.

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